eNav-forecast service

FF Voile




Online web service providing 4 day marine weather forecasts.
Updated 4 times a day with data points every 10 km.


Forecasts provide a 4 day projection of marine weather conditions for

  • Wind strength in knots and direction
  • Currents in Knots strength and direction
  • Waves height in meters and direction
  • Cross waves (Swells + "Sea Wind"): height in meters and direction

View the data using the eNav-Forecast web site. (requires Adobe Flash Player) with user customisable settings

  • Each parameter is displayed individually as indicators
    (1 directional arrow every 10km) on a map of the selected area.
  • The interface provides for zooming in and out, full screen and GPS coordinates of the pointer.
    Clicking on an indicator opens a graph and table of days forecast each our for the clicked position.
  • Forecasts are provided with hourly data over a range of 4 days and high and low alarms for each parameter are customizable (consultation limited to 2 sessions per day. 2 hours a session for connection to an IP address).
  • Forecasts four days are available as monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions to one of three areas of navigation: English Channel, Atlantic (Bay of Biscay) and Mediterranean.



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